BG Service Products

BG manufacturers ceramic-to-metal electrical feedthroughs. BG feedthroughs provide a hermetic electrical connection through the walls of a variety of pressure vessels. Electrical Feed through Capabilities: Provide superior leakage resistance and are tested with a helium leak tester (standard acceptance leak rate of less than 1x10-6 cc/sec He). Operate at pressures from 0 PSIA to 500 PSIG. Have a greater operating temperature than other products... up to 250 °F. Are constructed with copper conductors (brass for BG220-1H and BG350B) and brass nuts for maximum electrical current carrying ability and lowest connection losses. Are compatible with currently used refrigerants and phenolic oils. ATEX certified versions available Applications: Transformer Bushings Semi-Hermetic Air Conditioning Compressors Semi-Hermetic Refrigeration Compressors Oil & Gas Filled Transformers and Switching Equipment Explosion Proof Electric Motors Electromagnets Vacuum Furnaces Electric Steam Generators Autoclaves Centrifugal and Submersible Pumps Electrostatic Precipitators Transformer Rectifiers BG Service sells many other useful products and accessories. Visit If there is an item you are interested in please e-mail us the BG P/N and quantity to: And we will gladly quote it. strecthed images images are lost magic thumb educated client about how to use ijmportant funciton on CSS.
BG210-1H Electric Feed through
BG220-1H Electric Feed through
BG230-1H Electric Feed through
BG250LLH Electric Feed through
BG310H Electric Feed through
BG350B Electric Feed through
BG350H Electric Feed through
BG610 Electric Feed through
BG630 Electric Feed through