Crown Engineering

Crown Engineering
Crown Engineering Corporation...
Is one of the largest manufacturers of electrodes, flame rods, igniters and terminal connectors for ignition related applications in regard to oil and gas fired equipment.

They manufacture many of the electrodes for today's waste oil burners. Their ignition electrodes can be found in Beckett™ AFII burners, Cleaver Brooks™ industrial burners, Wayne Blue Angel™ oil burners, in Carlin's Elite™ oil burners, in Midco™ power gas burners, in Wayne™ power gas burners, in Fulton™ boilers, and in Kewanee™ boilers and many more.

In the process of manufacturing electrodes and terminals for the industry they also distribute a wide variety of other related products. These products range from specialty igniters, couplers, ceramic roping, gauge glass, specialty tools, test leads, GTO cable, silicone cable, washers, gaskets, strainer kits, and fractional v-belts to name a few.

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